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كاتب محتوى - يوسف الحناوي

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To create ideas, you have to read but to control them, you have to write ✍🏻”

This is where my journey began with writing More than four years ago it is my favorite hobby and I find it my passion, I was curious about the world of marketing, so I began to use my writing to serve the marketing process.

I started practicing creative and marketing content writers professionally more than two years ago. I wrote in all fields and helped many startups grow.

I wrote all kinds of content, articles, marketing content, sales advertising content, script video, and user experience content.

All of my previous success partners, yes, they are my success partners, I do not prefer to call them clients, they said that what distinguishes me is discipline and professional commitment in dealing because I have experience working remotely and I know what it means to be a responsible freelancer.

? so are you ready


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