Ahmed Soliman - Digital Marketing Specialist | SEO | SEM | SMM | MS | شغل أون لاين
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Digital Marketing Specialist | SEO | SEM | SMM | MS - Ahmed Soliman

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I am Ahmed Soliman. I’m a Digital Marketing Specialist with over 5 years of experience locally and globally, I have been working in the digital marketing field since the age of 18 on my own projects. Now am building my career as a freelancer.

I have strong knowledge & experience in the following areas:

Online/Digital Marketing
✅Search Engine Optimization-SEO
✅Search Engine Marketing-SEM
✅Social Media Marketing-SMM
✅Google Analytics
✅Google Location & Business
✅Marketing Strategy
✅Instant Messaging Marketing-IMM
✅Advanced Facebook Marketing
✅Website Management & Customization
✅Creative Content Creation
✅Email Marketing

I hope you will choose me as your professional Digital Marketing Partner. As a Digital Marketer, I will provide you the best strategy and help you to achieve your goal successfully.

Contact me in case you have any questions!


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  •  Egypt Store (egyptstore.shop)
  •  يناير 2014 - يناير 2021

Maintain a consistently high level of customer service by creating and developing excellent client relationships. Focus on
achieving and exceeding individual sales goals. Develop clientele/customer base by asking each customer to complete a
client profile. Use customer cards to send gifts, thank you notes, notify customers of sales and special events, and place
telephone calls to drive Fine Jewelry sales and special events. Handle each customer transaction professionally, efficiently,
and accurately.
• Created a professional website to enhance the customer’s experience.
• Successful campaigns through social media & giveaway competitions.
• Added rewards club to redeem the customers points.
• Organizing and planning for e-mail campaigns targeting new customers.

Founder and Marketing Manager

  •  Best Places in Egypt (Advertising Agency for: F&B, Entertainment & Tourism)
  •  يناير 2015 - أبريل 2021

Best Places in Egypt (Advertising Agency for: F&B, Entertainment & Tourism) – Egypt
Jan 2015 – Sep 2018 (4 Years)
Review Restaurants, Entertainment places, and Photographing Decorations and Meals. Managing Restaurants pages on
Social Media (Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat). Implementing Online Campaigns & Promoting new offers with
attractive rate quotes for entertainment & restaurants. Achievements
• Managed 430 Social Media accounts for Restaurants and Entertainment Places.
• Increased Restaurants revenue by 90% with successful Social Media Campaigns.
• Photographing Decorations and Meals for 120 Restaurants.

Marketing Executive

  •  Porto Matrouh Beach Resort (Porto Resorts and Hotels)
  •  يناير 2017 - ديسمبر 2018

Launching Food and Beverage Marketing initiatives with the restaurants (within the four walls) examples: bounce cards,
business cards collection and use Local Catchment Area: such as flyers. Launching Food and Beverage campaigns using social
media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Insta. Assist in the formulation of strategies to build a lasting digital connection
and engagement with our guests using our Food & Beverage restaurants, Health and wellness facilities, and Rooms. Prepare
online newsletter and promotional emails and organize their distribution through various channels. Provide creative ideas
for content marketing and update Hotel website. Measure the performance of digital marketing efforts using a variety of
Web analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Web Trends, etc. Acquire insight into online marketing trends and keep
strategies up to date. Present weekly and monthly marketing account reports to the Head of Department.
• Implementing successful online campaigns for 5 restaurants and increase F&B revenue.
• Increased e-commerce sales by 20% in 3 months by redesigning all landing pages.
• Optimized ad copy, resulting in a higher quality score and a lower CPC.

Marketing Executive

  •  Intercontinental Hotels Group - UAE
  •  أكتوبر 2019 - يونيو 2020

Planning, executing, monitoring, and reporting on all activities on social media platforms including but not limited to
Facebook and Instagram. Creating and executing monthly content calendars. Working with the in-house graphic designer to
create engaging content (photos, videos, animations, and competitions). Community management. Responding to inquiries
and developing engaging interactions with followers and communities on social media. Conduct regular audits of 3rd party
websites and OTAs to ensure images and listings are updated and relevant while preserving brand standards. Email marketing: Assist with creating and sending email marketing campaigns and newsletters. Manage databases and segment
audiences, Assist with setting up campaign tracking metrics. Monitor and report on website performance.
• Generated a 200% uplift in organic traffic to the website in 6 months.
• Built a database of 8k emails by creating newsletter subscription boxes.
• Collecting a database of 73K by adding email and feedback box to the offers vouchers.
• Created an Instagram stra

Digital Marketing Specialist

  •  Team Sport
  •  أغسطس 2020 - أبريل 2021

Planning, managing & monitoring all areas of digital marketing including but not limited to: SEO, search, display, social,
video, content creation, marketing campaigns, and customer data management. Setting up campaign tracking metrics.
Monitor and report on website performance. Plan and implement social media campaigns; manage social media accounts
with an eye on growing community and engagement. Email marketing: Assist with creating and sending email marketing
campaigns and newsletters. Manage databases and segment audiences. Manages marketing email design updates based
on marketing lead and program lead’s feedback before campaign deployment. Identify trends and patterns while analyzing
digital marketing metrics. Audits and ensures all online content is up to date and accurate. Assist with agency management
including PR, digital advertising, and website agencies
• Built the digital profiles on all platforms from scratch.
• Branding all social media pages & in-stores which enhanced the customer experience.
• Created an Instagram, Facebook strategy, and collaborated with influencers to promote our brands.
• Collecting 30K database through QR in-stores within 1 week, fill your data and get 10% OFF.
• Closed partnership deals with Careem, Vodafone, and Orange to redeem their customers points in our stores.
• Implementing entertaining competitions to attract our customers and keep their loyalty.


Bachelor of Commerce

  •  Faculty of Commerce Cairo University
  •  سبتمبر 2014 - يوليو 2018