Joudi Alfadil - Software engineer, web designer & front-end developer | شغل أون لاين
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Software engineer, web designer & front-end developer - Joudi Alfadil

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I am an expert on web programming and developing world. I have gathered vast knowledge about designing, coding, markup languages and other things that are related to this sector. Also, I never give up and constantly learn new skills and collect more knowledge to be better version of myself.

My skills in coding and programming languages are:
1. Expert in using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
2. Java language.
3. UI design.
4. Expert in using Microsoft Office package
5. Editing skills.
6. Making an understandable designs.
7. Creating neat/clean codes and designs.

I am a graduate in Software Engineering. So I have gained all the basic knowledge from my study. That’s why I knew many works related to web programming before entering this business.


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Bachelor's degree

  •  Sudan University of Science and Technology
  •  أكتوبر 2014 - أبريل 2019

Bachelor's degree in Computer science - department of software engineering