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Data Entry - Sabreen Al Shaer

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اهلا بك في صفحتي
اسمي صابرين محمد موسى الشاعر من فلسطين من قطاع غزة ، حاصلة على شهادة بكالوريوس هندسة صناعية من الجامعة الاسلامية عام 2008. عملت كباحثة ميدانية لمدة 5 اشهر في مجموعة الهيدرلوجيين الفلسطينيين .تم عملت كباحثة ميدانية في الامديست لمدة 3 اعوام ، بعد ذلك عملت لمدة سنتين كمساعدة برنامج في الامديست ، تم عملتfield administrator / document control
في Black & Veatch لمدة ١٠ شهور.
عند مهارة عالية في استخدام برامج الكمبيوتر وخاصةبرامج الميكروسوفت والانترنت وقواعد البيانات المختلفة ومواقع التواصل الاجتماعي ، ولغتي الانجليزية جيدة جدا واستطيع العمل تحت الضغط وانجاز المهام بدقة عالية ، وعند مرونة في العمل واتقبل النقذ .

المهام التي استطيع خدمتك بها :
1- ادخال جميع البيانات على الاكسل وتحليلها بدقة عالية.
٢- تفريغ الصور و pdf الى وورد واكسل بدقة عالية وتنسيق رائع والعكس.
٣- ادخال عدد كبير من الاستبيانات والبيانات على قواعد البيانات المختلفة بدقة وسرعة كبيرة.
٤- تنسيق جميع الملفات على الوورد والاكسل بشكل رائع وحسب الشروط المطلوبة.
٥- تسليم الملفات بالوقت المحدد .
6- استخراج ونقل البيانات من أي موقع أو ملف الي الاكسل والوورد بدقة عالية وبسرعة كبيرة .
7- تدقيق الملفات املائيا بشكل دقيق جدا.
8-ادخال البيانات علي جميع المواقع الالكترونية بدقة عالية وسرعة كبيرة وحسب الشروط المطلوبة وفي الوقت المحدد.
9-اجيد استخدام SPSS لتحليل البيانات.


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إجمالي الأرباح

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Field Administrator / Document Control

  •  Black & Veatch, Gaza, Palestine
  •  مايو 2016 - فبراير 2017

Responsibilities and tasks:
Acts as liaison between the site and the contractor.
Manages ongoing and outgoing correspondences, and keep tracks of all records.
Creates, administers and, follows onsite document control procedures.
Liaison with program office in regards to coordination with other departments.
Purchases site required services, materials, or subcontracts.
Adheres to safety and quality standards as applicable to duties and accountabilities
Directs implementation of the site document control procedures and processes.
Establishes procedures for incoming and outgoing documents (fax, memo, letter, e-mail, etc).
Manages the office services and supplies contracts.
Manages the document control system for the site office; apply the document control system and filling system for the projects.
Manages the site office server and data update for site team.
Responsible for keeping the project data and records in hard and soft copies, and ensuring that all documents are kept in the appropriate place and filed in the appropriate archive.
Compiles and maintains construction records and list markups as assigned, or directs staff in this regard.
Manages document control email and logs.
Updates projects logs and send to team on daily basis.
Manages the administrative staff.
Manages site document control activities for design documents, specifications, contracts, manuals, etc.
Maintains the daily logs for site record purposes.
Adheres to safety and quality standards as appropriate for level of duties and accountabilities.

Program Assistant

  •  AMIDEAST, Gaza, Palestine
  •  يونيو 2013 - أبريل 2015

Responsibilities and tasks:
• Assist Al-Azhar students and/or faculty in completing requirements for submission of applications for PCELT courses and TBT trainings.
• Maintain and regularly update files for all PCELT participants.
• Prepare daily copies of training materials given by SIT or licensed Trainers for all participants.
• Assist in gathering data and names of practice teaching students and track daily attendance sheets.
• Assist in advance planning and preparations for all logistics related to hospitality for PCELT.
• Setting up the coffee breaks and lunch breaks during PCELT training.
• Assist in planning and organizing logistics and communications for PCELT colloquia and conferences.
• Assist in regularly update Geo/MIS system of PCELT activities.
• Assist in the processing of invoices, payments and related documentation to vendors and consultants in accordance with AMIDEAST/USAID protocols for PCELT activities.
• Assist with drafting, formatting and translating M&E protocols and instruments.
• Enter quantitative and qualitative data from surveys, focus groups, and semi-structured interviews into appropriate database formats.
• Assist in the coding of qualitative data for analysis by Gaza-LTD Program Manager and M&E Unit (in Ramallah).
• Maintain training material, attendance, tracking vetting status of individuals participating in PCELT.
• Assist Project Manager in preparing success stories and related media to highlight activities and accomplishments for LTD newsletters, Press Releases, and video.
• Assist in conducting on-site observations of program activities and interviews with program beneficiaries.
• Assist in documenting success stories and in gathering public relations data to be added to the newsletter.
• Coordinate periodic job-related photographs for record.
• Assist students in answering quires and completion of applications for PCELT.

Field Researcher

  •  AMIDEAST, Gaza, Palestine
  •  مايو 2010 - مايو 2013

Responsibilities and tasks:
• Visiting schools to gather data to refine the school selection process.
• Holding meetings with schools to devise the selection criteria for choosing beneficiaries and obtaining lists of candidates from each school.
• Analyzing and documenting data needed for the selection of scholarship recipients.
• Interviewing the nominated families to carry out needs assessment and make recommendations.
• Following up with the schools after the interviews to answer questions, assure them about payments, and request official letters.
• Taking approved and finalized lists to the schools to generate invoices and receipts, after the payment is made.
• Generating award letters and distributing award letters to the schools.
• Making sure that all files for each school are complete, well marked, and have all documents incorporated in them.
• Participating in any essential reporting processes and maintaining files for each applicant and candidate for the scholarship.
• Entering all school information correctly into the database.
• Attending regular staff meetings and updating the Gaza Program Manager about accomplishments and concerns during the implementation.

Field Researcher

  •  Palestinian Hydrology Group, Gaza, Palestine
  •  أغسطس 2009 - ديسمبر 2009

Responsibilities and tasks:
Conducting water sanitation and hygiene information from 50 houses hold families in two counting zones in Gaza City.


Bachelor in Industrial Engineering

  •  Islamic University Gaza, Palestine
  •  سبتمبر 2003 - أغسطس 2008

Bachelor in Industrial Engineering
Grade: Very good 89.97%
Graduation Project “Development and Verification of a Model for Projects Monitoring and Evaluation-Special focus on Donor Funded Agricultural Projects".
Grade: Excellent 91%

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