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Data entry - Rima Bohamdan

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Hello, I’m Rima Bohamdan, a law student and proficient in data entry (CRM ,Word ,Excel ,Albaseet ERP )and social media management. I have experience working as a receptionist and administrator, where I efficiently managed various administrative tasks. I possess strong communication skills that allow me to effectively interact with clients and colleagues. I’m always eager to learn more and assist my colleagues. I hold certifications in Python Intermediate and Introduction to Python, and you can view samples of my previous work on GitHub. I look forward to opportunities to join a reputable and innovative team.


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Managing Social Media Pages & Data Entry

  •  YouOnline
  •  يوليو 2023 - حتى الآن

I am currently working at YOU ONLINE, an e-marketing company in Damascus, Syria, where I manage social media pages and handle data entry tasks. My role involves managing social media pages on various platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, YouTube, Medium, and Pinterest. Additionally, I am responsible for data entry tasks using CRM, Word, and Excel. This experience has strengthened my skills in digital marketing and data management.

Receptionist and administration

  •  Joseph Salon
  •  مارس 2023 - يوليو 2023

I served as a receptionist and handled administrative duties at Joseph Salon, a women's beauty salon in As Suwayda, Syria. My responsibilities included supervising the lounge area on behalf of the manager, welcoming and assisting visitors and customers, and managing phone calls. I performed various administrative tasks, such as data entry, scheduling, and maintaining timetables. Additionally, I answered queries about the salon's services and prepared and submitted reports. I was also responsible for record-keeping and overseeing 25 employees, which enhanced my ability to take responsibility and work effectively under pressure

Receptionist and Administration

  •  Fitness First Syria
  •  مارس 2021 - يوليو 2021

I worked as a receptionist and in administration at Fitness First, a sports club in As Suwayda, Syria. In this role, I supervised the lounge area on behalf of the manager, welcoming visitors and customers, and managing phone calls. I was responsible for performing all library work and administrative tasks, including answering queries about the club's services, scheduling, data entry, and maintaining timetables. I was also responsible for preparing and submitting reports, keeping records, and overseeing 25 employees. This experience enhanced my ability to take responsibility and work effectively under pressure.

Sales Department

  •  يوليو 2016 - يناير 2018

I worked in the sales department at Billcee in As-Suwayda, gaining valuable experience in marketing and sales. I was responsible for data entry, analyzing sales data, and effectively communicating with customers to address their inquiries. I learned how to work in a dynamic business environment and achieve success in a competitive market while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.


Graduation year Graduation year

  •  Faculty of Law, University of Damascus
  •  سبتمبر 2018 - حتى الآن